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June 17, 2022

Why To Pair Solar Power With a Battery Backup System

As of 2020, only about 4% of residential solar installations include a battery backup, yet this equipment can provide more energy independence and peace of mind. Here are a few reasons to consider getting a backup battery for a residential or commercial solar system.

June 6, 2022

5 Steps To Take If Your Solar Power System Stops Working

Whether you restore solar power system function or pursue professional solar repair, it can be worthwhile to monitor the performance of a solar installation. Solar monitoring solutions are available for residential and commercial solar systems in California.

May 20, 2022

Solar Power Capabilities Are Expected To Surge in 2022

Solar energy capacity in 2022 is expected to nearly double that of solar growth seen in 2021. Solar system installation is gaining momentum due to a call for environmental responsibility and is becoming a means of better business practice and personal financial sustainability in the U.S. Some reasons for the continued upward trend include:

May 11, 2022

3 Ways the Electric Vehicle Market Is Getting Charged for the Future

When consumers consider purchasing from among the growing number of electric vehicles for sale in Norco, CA, they're probably also wondering what the future holds for the overall EV market. Here are three converging trends that bode well for these vehicles' continuing place on the road.

May 2, 2022

Spending On Renovations for 2022

Do It Yourself (DIY) projects and home renovations have become increasingly popular because of the pandemic. SolarRepair offers unique and tailored solar panel installation services for your home or any property you want to upgrade.

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Panasonic Residential Solar – Advantages

Panasonic has been pioneering solar power since the green revolution began. Starting with production of high efficiency amorphous cell technology in 1975, no one has spent more time on solar research and development.

How to Install the IronRidge Flashing for Composite Shingle Roofs

All the steps you need to take to install IronRidge Flashing on coposite shingle roofs.

Solar and the Electric Grid

When you install a solar system and connect it to SDG&E’s system, you might think you’re now off the grid but you’re not. Learn how solar works after a system is put in place.

Understand Your Net Energy Metering Bill | SCE & Solar Power

Customers with solar panels should enroll in Southern California Edison's (SCE) Net Energy Metering (NEM) rate option. We’ll deduct the energy you export to the grid at times when generation exceeds on-site demand from your bill, and you may even earn surplus credits.

SolaTrim Presents, "Protecting Your Solar Investment"

Stop spending money on Warranty and Maintenance repairs caused by solar pests. Contact your Solar Equipment Distributor to find out how you can get SolaTrim - the ultimate, permanent protection against pigeons, squirrels and debris.

Unirac Tips & Tricks – Solarhooks Installation

Watch these tips to follow proper procedures when installing the Unirac Solarhooks with Power Arch technology.

Loop EV Charging Network Introduction Video

Visit to get more information about innovative EV Charging products and solutions.

Loop EV Charging Network Introduction Video

Visit to get more information about innovative EV Charging products and solutions.