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3 Ways To Charge Electric Vehicles At Home or Work

If you drive an electric vehicle or are considering upgrading your ride to decrease your emissions, you will need a way to charge your EV. Find out how to have an at home car charger installed at a residence located in Norco, CA along with efficient EV charging options for multi-family properties and workplaces.  

1. Join the Loop EV Charging Network

Loop is the leading charging station membership program for EV drivers. By joining this network, you can charge an EV at home and on the go. The app makes it easy to locate available charging stations anywhere you range. Choose a flexible fixed subscription or pay-as-you-go billing. Activate Loop EV charging stations wirelessly with a QR code, RFID, Bluetooth or NFC.  

2. Have an At Home Car Charger Set Up

The ability to charge your EV at home is an unmatched convenience. The EV-Flex Lite™ is the leading home EV charging system. This Wi-Fi-enabled system supports user authentication through the mobile app and delivers load management and demand response in real time. A Loop Network Partner Program certified installer should install your choice of residential EV charging station.

3. Install an Electric Car Charger At Work

More options are available for workplace EV chargers used by multiple drivers. The Loop EV Flex™ is the standard EV charger model for commercial, multifamily and municipal properties. Other options to consider for these applications include EV-Fleet™ and EV-Fast™ charging systems with rapid-charging technology.  

If you are not sure which charging system will meet your needs, you should consult with solar energy system installation specialists in Norco, California. While it is hard to beat the convenience of having an at home car charger when you drive an EV, you should only trust a Loop Network Partner Certified Installer to install a Loop EV charging system.

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