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5 Steps To Take If Your Solar Power System Stops Working

If the solar power system at your home or workplace experiences problems or stops working, there are five steps you can take toward solar repair. Whether a monitoring system displays a Low Voltage Disconnect or Zero Power Output error or you find yourself paying more for power drawn from the grid, you can take the following measures to identify and fix problems that affect solar power generation.

1. Check Breaker Switches

Breakers are fuse boxes that manage the flow of electricity. A glitch, overload or surge that trips these switches could cause a solar energy system to malfunction.

2. Look for Damaged or Obstructed Panels

Shading or higher operating temperatures resulting in lower power output can result in LVD errors. Damage or obstructions to a single panel can affect an entire installation. In cell stringing, every component works together for maximum energy generation.

3. Inspect the Solar Inverter

While you may not want to inspect solar panels yourself, it is often easier to check status indicators on a solar inverter. This component converts the direct current generated by photovoltaic panels into alternating current to power your home.  

4. Read the Solar Meter

A solar meter logs power generation in real-time. Meter readings are useful for comparing historic production to current measurements. These cellular-connected components also become obsolete over time, particularly given the transition to 5G connectivity.

5. Arrange for Solar Repair

If any of the preceding measures indicate solar power system problems, a property owner should pursue solar panel repair or system repairs. Regular inspections can keep a system operating at peak efficiency.

Whether you restore solar power system function or pursue professional solar repair, it can be worthwhile to monitor the performance of a solar installation. Solar monitoring solutions are available for residential and commercial solar systems in California.

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