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How to Choose a Reputable Solar Power Company

When you decide to switch your home over to solar power, it is important to be able to fully trust the company you choose to install solar panels on your home. Going on a gut feeling might not be good enough in an ever-changing field with so many companies to choose from. Here are a few qualities to pay attention to when choosing a solar power company.


A solar power company should be upfront about price, process and potential set-backs to develop a professional relationship with a client. Checking a company’s customer reviews is a great way to check if they are honest with their customers. At SolarRepair, we have over 20 customer reviews and have maintained a five star rating, meaning our customers are very happy with our services and honest approach. We walk you through every step of the solar panel installation and upkeep process so you feel confident in our work. We even offer a free quote through our website, so you know what to expect before you make any commitment.


Expertise is best gained through years of first hand experience. Solar power companies often pop up and disappear a few months later, leaving their clients with no one to turn to if they are in need of repairs. The professionals at SolarRepair have been installing and up-keeping residential solar panels for years and years. They have developed expertise in the field and are trusted to make your solar panel installation go smoothly.

Work Quality

Customer reviews are also a great way to tell if people are happy with the quality of work they were left with. We all know people are brutally honest in their reviews online. Another way to tell a quality job is how long lasting it is. SolarRepair has a 25 year system and production guarantee, meaning we guarantee the solar power system we install for you will last 25 years. If you happen to be dissatisfied with the quality of our work, we return and try our best to set you up with a solar system that works for you.


Solar customers often come up against the same issue - the company that installed their solar system is no longer in business or nowhere to be found. If these customers have an issue with the solar system they were left with, they are unable to contact the company to fix it. In these cases SolarRepair steps up to maintain your system and get you set up for success. Customers who have solar panels installed by SolarRepair are customers for life, and we work to keep them happy with their solar system for as long as possible. 

Choosing a solar power company is a big decision and it should be carefully considered. It is essential for a company to be honest, have expertise, good quality work and to be reliable in case you need repairs in the future. Choosing SolarRepair means choosing a trusted company in the industry and you are able to count on us to be there for you in the future. Get started with a free quote today!

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