What is a Battery Backup System?

When you own a solar power system, the many pros come with a few cons. The system stores its own excess power for use on not so sunny days, but the system only stores so much power before it has reached its storage capacity. Adding a battery backup system to your solar power setup ensures you have a much larger storage of energy for the times when you need it on less sunny days or in case of disasters.

What is a Solar Power Battery Backup System?

A solar power system stores energy that’s used when the sun isn't shining, still enjoying its benefits when you need them. With a battery backup system, this ability to store energy extends beyond your panels: it's stored in your batteries as well. Meaning you have more power stored for longer.

Home battery systems allow you to store excess power to be used at a later date. Depending on the battery and how much you are using it, batteries provide power for several hours, or longer. The professionals at SolarRepair help install and upkeep this system for you so you don’t need to know all the tedious ins and outs of these machines.

How do I Benefit From a Battery Backup System?

A solar power battery backup system is a combination of a high-quality deep cycle battery, an inverter and a charge controller. The system acts as an energy storage unit, allowing you to store the electricity generated by your solar panels during the day. This storage process allows you to use it at night or on days when there is no sunlight available.

This kind of system allows homeowners who have gone off-grid to be able to use their solar panels even when there isn’t enough sunlight to support them. In addition, they provide protection during blackouts or days with no sunshine by storing any electricity generated by your panels during those events until it’s used later on in the day.

More Pros to Battery Backups

The benefits of using a solar power battery backup system are many, but here are a few more to consider:

  • You’re not contributing to climate change by using fossil fuels.
  • There are no harmful emissions or potential harm done to the environment or humans in the course of its use.
  • It’s easy to install and maintain when you use SolarRepair.

SolarRepair can Install

If you are interested in adding a battery backup system to your solar system, SolarRepair handles the installation and upkeep for you! The batteries we carry are designed and constructed with the highest standards to prevent thermal runaways. Most come with a 10 year warranty, but with the proper care they continue to provide value for years after the warranty ends. Most batteries are installed inside the garage, but some are installed on the exterior as well. 

By utilizing a Battery Backup System, you’re Always Prepared for an Emergency!

When you have an adequate Solar Power Battery Backup System, it becomes an integral component of your emergency preparedness plan. They are designed to keep your home’s electricity on during power outages and are used for both indoor and outdoor applications.

You’re always prepared for an emergency if you have a reliable back-up generator to provide power during times when the grid is down or if other disasters occur (like hurricanes, tornadoes or floods).

It’s no secret that we live in a world of uncertainty. With natural disasters and other emergencies happening every day, it is important to be prepared. When it comes to your home solar power system, having a battery backup system ensures that you never lose power during an emergency or outage. This way, you keep your lights on and stay connected with family and friends 24/7.

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