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Why To Pair Solar Power With a Battery Backup System

Given the considerable cost of solar panels and other installation equipment, consumers are often reluctant to spend even more money on batteries. As of 2020, only about 4% of residential solar installations include a battery backup, yet this equipment can provide more energy independence and peace of mind. Here are a few reasons to consider getting a backup battery for a residential or commercial solar system.

Backups Store Reserve Power

Backup batteries work in tandem with solar power systems to store energy. Here are a few ways that a battery recharged by a solar system can prove useful:

Reducing grid reliance when panels are not generating power

Supplying power during grid outages or scheduled interruptions

Sustaining a critical backup load panel

Batteries can cost thousands of dollars. Obtaining sufficient capacity for a backup load panel is a considerable investment.

A Battery Backup Can Replace a Generator

When a battery is connected to a renewable energy system, this component can stand in for a generator. Photovoltaic panels generate a direct current that an inverter converts into alternating current. Solar system components work together to charge a battery that can supply a limited power capacity when other sources of electricity are unavailable.

Be More Self-Sufficient With a Solar Energy Backup

Whether you have a grid-tied or off-grid solar system, a backup battery can serve an important function. The availability of a backup power source capable of handling critical loads can increase your safety and comfort in an emergency.

A battery can provide backup power for solar systems during grid outages and when panels are not generating power. Batteries are even more essential to the reliability of off-grid solar systems. Whether you are considering a residential or commercial solar installation in Orange County, a battery backup can maximize the functionality of any solar system.

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